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    The Finke Desert Race has been run annually in Alice Springs for more than 45 years (2021 was the 45th race) and throughout this time has been a community run event organized and operated by volunteers with support from part-time paid staff in the admin and information technology areas. Last year there were 300+ registered volunteers. Many of these are Alice Springs residents but many come from other parts of Australia sometimes on an annual basis. The volunteers bring a huge range of knowledge, skills and experience to the event.

    Anyone can volunteer and there are minimal prerequisites, depending on your role, for many of the tasks that need doing. While some jobs require training and accreditation (e.g. becoming a scrutineer) there are many that don’t (e.g. car park attendants, catering, etc.). Team Leaders will make sure that volunteers are competent to fill their roles and where necessary training will be provided and briefings will be arranged.

    A Guide to Volunteer Roles

    The Finke Desert Race is a non-profit community based event that relies heavily on volunteers. Volunteer expressions of interest are open. Prospective volunteers can browse the PDF guide to the diverse roles that volunteers play.

    COVID-19 Requirement

    Current NT Chief Health Officer directions require that all volunteers, 16 years and over, involved with the Tatts Finke Desert Race are to supply evidence that they are triple vaccinated. Vaccine status is required to be sighted and checked by officials upon registration or upon entering the venue. A certificate issued by the Commonwealth that certifies a member of the public has a permanent or temporary contraindication (exemption) to all those approved COVID-19 vaccines will be accepted.


    ALL volunteers MUST register in the week before the race. Registration will take place at the Finke Start/Finish Line during office hours. It is vital that volunteers register so that we can ensure contact details, including emergency contacts, are up to date; confirm vaccination status and licenses (if required) are sighted and that volunteers receive their entitlements (e.g. the Official Finke DVD). Note that expressions of interest will open online and many of the volunteer positions are filled not long after. This allows the committee time to organise teams, rosters, training etc. If you are keen to participate as a volunteer, it is advised that you express your interest early rather than waiting until registration week.

    Maps & Road Closures

    Maps of the track and diagrams of the venues are available as a PDF download. These may be updated from time.

    Occupational Health & Safety

    The Finke Desert Race is firmly commited to provide as far as reasonably practicable a work environment that is safe and without risk to health.

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