Spectator Information

  • A MESSAGE TO ALL SPECTATORS from the Finke Desert Race Committee


    • Stand at least 20 METRES BACK from the racetrack when spectating
    • NO campsites, vehicles or temporary structures within 30 METRES of the track AT ALL TIMES
    • Obey ALL directions of Tatts Finke Desert Race SPECTATOR MARSHALS
    • Do not fly drones at any times
    • Know where your kids are at all times
    • Don’t take pets or recreational vehicles including UVS, quads or motorbikes
  • Spectator Safety Marshal

    We will have Spectator Marshals located along the racetrack. Their role is to help keep you and our competitors safe and are our event’s front line public safety officials. If they think you’re in an unsafe location or behaving in an unsafe manner they will ask you to move. LISTEN AND DO AS THEY ASK. The Spectator Marshals will be supported by NT Police as required.




  • Camping Form


    Camping on the Aputula Aboriginal Land Trust at the Finke Community, in the ‘Race Camp’ to the north of the community, is discouraged for ALL Spectators.

    Camping is reserved for Competitors, Crew, Officials and Volunteers.

    Should you choose to camp you MUST register your details and pay the $22 camping fee per adult.

  • General Information

    Spectator information is available here as a PDF download. The document may be updated from time to time.

  • All Weekend Passes

    Spectator tickets are available from moshtix.com

  • Finke Street Party & Night Markets

    The 'Finke Street Party & Night Markets' will be held on Thursday 9th June in the heart of Alice Springs on Todd Street.

  • Scrutineering

    Scrutineering is held at the Start/Finish Line from 4.00pm to 9.00pm on Friday 10th June. This is where all competitor’s (bikes and cars) must have their machine and clothing checked and passed for racing. While scrutineering is happening, all bikes and cars are on display, food and drink stalls are in operation and official merchandise is also on sale. It’s a great place to get up close and personal with the riders/drivers and their amazing machinery. Additionally you can get a bite to eat, relax, catch up with mates, and get a great feel for the weekend to come.

  • Camping Along The Track

    Please Note: NO Camping is allowed at the Finke Desert Race Start/Finish line. Saturday is commonly when most campers will head down the track to set up camp for the weekend. Camping is allowed anywhere throughout the whole 220km course, at your own risk. There are many things to bear in mind:

    Camping Fees

    If you are camping along the Finke track, the majority of the land is private property. If you intend to camp between the start line and Ewaninga rail siding, you may incur a fee. The landholder has the right to do this. If you are unhappy with this, please direct your enquiry to the landholder who will be clearly identified. The Finke Desert Race Club conducts the race on other people’s property and has no control over camping fees. We ask that all campers respect the land they are camping on and bring back any rubbish.


    Campfires - these need to be monitored carefully and fully extinguished when finished with. Please take your own firewood.

    Consideration for others

    Nobody wants to stop you from having a fun-filled weekend but be aware of your surroundings. There may be others camping nearby that may not enjoy your particular brand of Death Metal music, use of foul language or anti-social behaviour. Please be considerate to other campers and keep noise to a minimum.


    In the interest of safety, dogs are not permitted at the event or down the track whilst camping.

    Medical Assistance

    If, during your time camping as a spectator you require any medical assistance St John Ambulance are situated at each of the checkpoints along the track from Saturday afternoon until the last bike has passed through on Monday afternoon. Please see Track Map for checkpoint locations at Deep Well, Rodinga, Bundooma, Mt Squires and Finke. We also have access to one Paramedic based jet ranger helicopter based at Bundooma checkpoint and two smaller helicopters following the event. These are intended for competitor use, but would be used in the case of an emergency for any patient.


    The land you are camping on during the event is privately owned cattle station property. We are extremely grateful to the station owners, and need to respect the fact that they have allowed us to use their property. Remember to bring your own firewood, take extreme care with all fires and please take your litter home with you. Keep the impact low on their land by sticking to the designated tracks, don’t make your own tracks into the bush as there are hidden dangers you may not be aware of. Keeping our event successful means we need to support the cattleman’s land care programmes and care for our environment.

    Police Presence

    Throughout the whole weekend we have a strong Police presence along the track. They assist us in ensuring our spectators are being safe & responsible, respecting landowners and competitors. Police will conduct random breath testing, watch for speeding (leave racing to the pro’s) and the driving/riding of unregistered vehicles along the road.
  • Car Parking

    Designated parking areas are available for your convenience. Please heed the directions of the car park attendants. Vehicles are permitted to enter and park on condition that Finke Desert Race Inc, the Northern Territory Government and sponsors are not under any liability whether in contract or in tort and wether for negligence or as an occupier or on any other basis or for any cause of action, for loss of, or damage to, the vehicle or its contents, no matter how or where such may be caused.
  • Dogs

    In the interest of safety, dogs are not permitted at the event or down the track whilst camping.
  • Maps & Road Closures

    Maps of the track and diagrams of the venues are available as a 2022 Maps. These may be updated from time to time.

  • Race Results

    Scoreboards will display start, checkpoint and finish times at the Alice Springs Start/Finish Line next to the competitor relations office. Results for Race Day 1 and start times for Race Day 2 will be available at Finke Checkpoint and on the website. Some copies of the results from Day 1 will be available at the catering tent at Finke. The results will also be constantly updated on the event’s official website.

  • Safety First

    You will need to extremely aware of safety both for yourselves and our competitors. If you are camping with young children, please watch them at all times and stand 20m back from the track during racing. Don’t wander on the track, it may look clear but you can’t be sure of what is coming at you at race speeds. Standing on the outside of corners can be dangerous, so avoid this at all times – car and bikes are travelling at very high speeds in dusty conditions! Our competitors are focused on their race and are not looking for you, your kids or your dog – leave your dog at home! It is their track from 6am – 6pm, give them the respect they deserve! Avoid driving up and down the access road (next to the racetrack) during racing as the dust and traffic can be very distracting and dangerous for our competitors.
  • Visitor Information

    For more information you can visit the Central Australian Tourism Visitor Centre on the corner of Todd Mall and Gregory Terrace while here in Alice or you can browse several web sites for popular and great ‘off the beaten track’ sight-seeing. For example:

  • Rubbish

    Please take your rubbish home with you. There are Skip Bins provided on the Maryvale Road for your waste. If these Skip Bins are full, take your rubbish home. Don’t leave it around the bin for someone else to deal with. The Bins are for General Rubbish Only – NO Fuel, Oil, Whitegoods, Tyres, Batteries, Gas Bottles, Fireworks or Furniture.

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