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    2022 Tatts Finke Desert Race Bike Results

    Entry Requirements

    Online Registration will include a tick box where competitors will tick which of the following criteria they meet through self-declaration

    Audit of declarations made by competitors will be conducted by Finke Desert Race Inc in conjunction with Motorcycling Australia.

    • Entrant must hold Senior National Motorcycling Australialicence as at the close of entries,and a minimum of one of the below
    • Have scored AORC outright points in a round of the previous season OR
    • Currently compete in national off-road (AORC) or Motocross; (ProMX)
    • Have recently completed other major official off-road events, example Hattah, Sunraysia, Condo 750 etc.
    • Have competed in an internationally recognized rally (FIMWorld Rally, Dakar)
    • Currently compete in other MA-recognised events such as local/state/territory off-road race series etc, within the last 5 years.

    Finke first timers will need to declare this throughtheir Online Registration. These competitors will have additional requirements to meet by the close of entries.

    This policy will inevitably mean no competitor should enter Finke without history of competing in other MA or FIM permitted events.

    Motorcycling Australiarule requires no two machines of a different category may compete in any Event. Due to time limitations of the race format and requirements to keep bikes and quads separate, entries will not be open to quad bikes for the 2022 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

    Frequently Asked Questions Prior to Entry

  • Licencing - You DO NOT need to have your Senior National MA Licence when you initially enter, this can be obtained afterwards. There will be no ‘one event licences’ offered in our event.
  • Race Numbers - The top 20 placegetters from the 2021 event will run their place numbers 1- 20. Preferred race numbers for all others can be requested upon entry, although they are not guaranteed. Numbers are allocated on a ‘first in, best dressed’ basis depending on entry order.
  • Bike Classes – Please be prepared and ensure you enter the correct class for your bike size or age on entry day:
    • 2021 Tatts Finke Desert Race Top 20 Placegetters -> 1 – 20
    • Class 1 – 251cc and Above Two Stroke -> 101 – 199 (A01 – A99)
    • Class 2 – 451cc and Above Four Stroke -> 202 – 299 (B01 – B99)
    • Class 3 – Up to 250cc Two Stroke -> 301 – 399 (C01 – C99)
    • Class 4 – Up to 250cc Four Stroke -> 401 – 499 (D01 – D99)
    • Class 5 – 251cc to 450cc Four Stroke -> 501 – 599 (X01 – X99)
    • Class 6 – Masters 35 to 39 Years as at 04/06/2022 -> 601 – 699 (M01 – M99)
    • Class 7 – Seniors 40 to 44 Years as at 04/06/2022 -> 701 – 799 (F01 – F99)
    • Class 8 – Veterans 45 Years and Over as at 04/06/2022 -> 801 – 899 (H01 – H99)

    Whats on the Entry Form

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Mobile
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Entry Requirements
    • Bike Class
    • Bike Make and Model
    • MA Licence Details (optional)
    • Supply your own Mylaps MX Transponder (optional)
    • Valid Credit Card Details


    The Tatts Finke Desert Race for bikes is run in accordance with the MA GCR's together with the SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS 2022 Competitors must be familiar with these rules.


    Bike entries for the 2022 Tatts Finke Desert Race will open on Tuesday 1st Feb 2022 at 0930 NT time (0800 WA; 1000 QLD; 1030 SA; 1100 NSW/VIC/TAS). Initial application will be through the purchase of an entry from here.

    Once your application has been processed we will email you with confirmation of your entry, your official race number and details to login and complete the online entry form. Please allow up to a week for official confirmation and race numbers, this is a timely process and needs to be done thoroughly.

    Online Entry Lists

    Competitor Update Form

    Online Extras


    If you have entered the race we will notify you by text and/or email as new information becomes available. If you have any questions you can call the office on +61 8 8952 8886 which is open Mon-Thurs in the morning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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