2022 Media Releases

  • Spectator Tickets

    Spectator tickets available from moshtix.com


    📆 Thursday 17 March 2022

    ⏰ 5.30pm Start

    🏦 National Australia Bank, Todd Mall

    Finke Desert Race Incorporated members must be financial to attend.

    Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5pm, Wednesday 16 March 2022.

  • Car Entries At Full Capacity

    100 days to go and at full capacity for the 2022 Tatts Finke Desert Race

  • Finke entries opening soon

    Another major milestone for the 2022 Tatts Finke Desert Race has almost arrived with car entries to open on Tuesday 1 March.

    From 9.30am ACST, crews will be able to enter Australia’s biggest off road event and the third round of the 2022 BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Off Road Championship (AORC) season.

    However, with only around 165 car spots available for the iconic desert race, competitors hoping to compete in the Northern Territory based event must be on high alert and enter quickly if they hope to secure their spot.

    In the past few years, the event has reached full capacity within a short period of time with last year’s event filling up in just 10 minutes - just four minutes slower than the record 2020 edition, which was eventually cancelled due to COVID-19.

    Those unfortunate to miss out on the first 165 spots should not be deterred from entering though, as they will be transferred to a waiting list with a potential opportunity to be accepted into the event should someone withdraw in the lead up.

    Although the off road race is quick to fill up, crews should also take into consideration the changes to the event’s eligibility criteria. Late last year, Motorsport Australia and the Finke Desert Race announced a new entry criteria to make sure there is a minimum driving standard for all competitors, ensuring greater safety for all involved. From 2022 onwards, crews wanting to compete in Finke must have either completed a minimum of two AORC rounds within the last 24 month, scored outright AORC points in a round of the previous season or meet 100 points on a checklist.

    Taking place over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, crews will race from Alice Springs to the Aputula Community (Finke) on a 225-kilometre course made up of mixed terrain featuring sand, clay, river/creek crossings, stony sections and dirt, before making their way back up the following day.

    The 2022 Tatts Finke Desert Race takes place in Alice Springs and the Aputula Community on 7-10 June.

  • Entries Filling Ahead

    Entries filling ahead of the 2022 Tatts Finke Desert Race

  • 2022 Tatts Finke Desert Race

    2022 Tatts Finke Desert Race Entry Dates and Details Confirmed

  • Finke Ambassador Applications Open

    The 2022 Finke Ambassador Aplications are now open, visit link below to view more information

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2021 Media Releases

  • 2021 Bike Start Times Day 2

    Day 1 Start Times

  • 2021 Car Start Times

    Prologue Start Times

  • 2021 Bike Start Times

    Prologue Start Times

  • 2021 Car Start Times Day 2

    Day 2 Start Times


    The countdown is on to the 2021 Tatts Finke Desert Race with this year's event returning with the biggest prize money on offer thanks to new and existing partners.


    In just under five days time, the Tatts Finke Desert Race will return to Alice Springs, which will feature a star-studded competitor line-up, entrants from around the country and special guests at the 45th running of the event.

  • Statement from FDR - COVID19

    Statement from the Finke Desert Race

    The news out last night that the Chief Health Officer (NT) had declared Greater Melbourne and Bendigo as hotspots for the purposes of travel to the Northern Territory will see many people worried that they may not get to travel to this year’s Tatts Finke Desert Race in just over a fortnight.

    That is something that is beyond our control and we continue to monitor information from an official source.

    I encourage you all to keep across the Northern Territory Government’s coronavirus website www.coronavirus.nt.gov.au and their Facebook for updates on hot spot declarations and any quarantine requirements. Like many of you in Victoria and likely in other states, we can only hope that the 7 day lockdown across Victoria will have the desired effect and eliminate as much as possible, community transmission.

    The NT is a great place to be at present and whilst it may seem that we are oblivious to the realities of lockdown, there are many of us with family in Melbourne and across Victoria that we worry about. We are also very keen to see our friends back in the NT after the cancellation of last year’s event.

    As you can probably understand the Finke office is being overwhelmed with enquiries. The answers to the vast majority of questions can be found on our website, in the competition supplementary regulations or on the NT’s coronavirus website.

    For those planning to travel to the NT for Finke from interstate, I remind you that the NT Border Declaration must be completed prior to, and within 7 days of travelling. It’s a simple request and easy to complete; this is the first line of defence in terms of track and trace.

    In relation to the Aputula community at Finke and the concerns we have for community members, the club will now only support competitors, crew and volunteers being in the race camp this year. Further information will be released next week.

    I encourage as many of you as possible during this trying period to take the opportunity to get vaccinated.

    I can’t offer any assurances as to what will happen as the event draws closer. The Finke Desert Race committee is finalising planning for the event and we look forward to seeing as many as possible in Alice Springs in a fortnight.

    Antony Yoffa President

  • Car Further Regulations 1

    The Tatts Finke Desert Race is excited to announce today there will be an increased opportunity in the car field, with the Finke Desert Race Committee committing to a further 10 entries. The decision to allow the five entrants on the waitlist, who are registered to compete in the Australian Off Road Championship prior to the first round in St George earlier this year, was agreed upon following discussions with the Australian Off Road Championship.

  • Finke Podcast

    The Finke now has its own podcast - Warriors in the Dust - a weekly look at all things Finke. If you're a Finke tragic or just curious about what all the fuss is about, then join your hosts, Murray Silby and two-time bike King of the Desert Rick Hall for an informative, but entertaining look at Australia's greatest off-road race.

  • 2021 Online Extras

    Bike & Car Online Extras now available at our shop for competitors

  • 2021 Volunteer EOI Open

    Calling all volunteers! Register your interest to volunteer now

  • 2021 Car Competitor List and Waitlist

    Follow this link to see our 2021 Car Competitor List and Waitlist. Email & SMS confirmations will be sent out soon.

  • Car Entries are Full

    🏁🏁 WOW!! Car Entries are Full Therefore, the waitlist has started. Please be patient as we work our way through all these. 🏁🏁

  • 2021 Car Supp Regs

    2021 Car Supp Regs available.

    Car applications open on Tuesday 9th Mar at 0930 CST.

  • 2021 SGM 18th Mar

    There will be a Special General Meeting on Thursday 18th March at 5-30pm.

    The purpose of the meeting is to approve the 2020 Audited Financials.

    An agenda and financials will be forwarded nearer the date.

    Venue – NAB, 51-53 Todd Mall, Alice Springs


    2021 Bike Competitor List and Waitlist. Email confirmations will be sent out as of tomorrow morning



    Due to an overwhelming response this morning we have suspended the online entry form. Please be patient as we work through the current list and begin the confirmation process!!


    All the entry information you require for tomorrow is the following: 🔷First Name 🔷Last Name 🔷Address 🔷Email Address 🔷Mobile 🔷Date of Birth 🔷Gender 🔷How many times you have done Finke before? 🔷Bike Class 🔷Bike Make and Model 🔷Preferred race number 🔷Can you supply your own Mylaps MX Transponder 🔷Valid Credit Card Details

    🔷It’s that simple so no need to stress about your bike details, MA licence details and whether or not you want fuel, transport or catering. That comes later. After your entry is confirmed, you will have several months to confirm all the other information.

    🔷I’d like to remind everyone about your the race number; unless you were top 20 in 2019, you’re not guaranteed to get the number you want. No need to call the office to explain why a particular number is so important; they will be working flat out all Tuesday on won’t be able to take your call.

    🔷Lastly all is not lost if you don’t make the 650 places; we will start a waitlist if we go over and you will be able to see it on line.


    Whilst everyone needs an MA licence to enter and compete in the event, pre-running the track is a different story.

    🔷We have many competitors and teams who visit Alice Springs prior to the event to get to understand the track. Obviously locals do this more often but the same rules apply to all. If you plan to get on a bike and check out the track before race weekend, you must do this on a registered bike (not recreational registration) and must have a motorcycle licence. Why? Because the track weaves in an out of the road reserve and Police patrol sections of the track ahead of the event.

    🔷Its also important that people don’t pre-run at race pace or in a dangerous manner; that would be both exceeding speed limit and could knock you out of the event. Section 13 of the Supplementary Regulations.

    🔷Be aware that anyone undertaking a pre-run has no medical back up like on race weekend and there is a risk of meeting another oncoming vehicle. Tourist often drive off the road to experience a section of the track. Also be mindful and respectful of any of our team doing track repairs or pastoralists working on their properties.

    🔷The Alice Springs Motorcycle Club is holding a ‘Prologue Day’ event at the Finke Start line on Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd May 2021 (Monday being a public Holiday in the Northern Territory). Interstate riders are welcome to participate and practice the Finke Prologue track over a day and a half with Sunday morning reserved for juniors. To find out further details contact the Alice Springs Motorcycle Club via Facebook.

  • 4 days till bike entries open

    Sobering news today with areas of Melbourne declared hotpots for travel to the Northern Territory following on from areas of WA centred around the south west corner. Unfortunately the chance for small numbers of infections will continue for some time and we are all coming to grips with that. Event organisers all over the country will be holding their breath as the event calendar attempts to re-start in 2021.

    🔷For those of you planning to visit Alice Springs from interstate to undertake a reconnaissance of the track on a registered bike, you should keep up to date with the border restrictions in the Northern Territory by visiting www.coronavirus.nt.gov.au. This website also has a link to the NT Border Entry Application.

    🔷You should also be aware that if you travel to Alice Springs from interstate, you may find your home town is suddenly declared a hot spot due to a new case and then you may find yourself needing to enter some form of quarantine. You could be stuck here longer than expected and incur extra costs.

    🔷In June prepare for lots of safety practices across Finke weekend as implement our COVID safety plan that is currently under development.

    Stay safe everyone.

  • 5 days till bike entries open

    Ever wondered how to get a swag, maybe a bag of clothes and some spares to Finke, so you’ve got somewhere to sleep at the overnight stop? There is nothing worse than expecting one of your mates to take your swag to Finke and they forget or worse, get distracted on the way down and camp elsewhere.

    🔷For more than 25 years, the Finke Desert Race Club has arranged for truck transport to ship gear down to Finke for Sunday night and even bring it back. The truck parks opposite the caterers near the toilets in the Race Camp and gear is offloaded for people to collect as they arrive. Its particularly important that swag/bags/tyre be marked with your race number. Incidentally the Club Refuelling is done at the same spot.

    🔷Prepare for very cold overnight temps and in the highly unlikely event of rain, its advisable to roll a tarp up in your swag and bring a few large garbage bags to wear over your gear. Nothing worse than being cold and wet.

    🔷On the Monday morning ahead of the Race Day 2 bike start, you take your gear back to the truck for the return journey. Gear will be dropped back to town on Tuesday morning. More details and cost in Section 5 of the Supplementary Regulations.

    🔷Like the fuel package or two stroke delivery, Gear transport can be purchased after your entry is confirmed; you don’t need to decide by Tuesday 9th February.

  • 6 days till bike entries open

    As many of you would be aware, close to 50% of the bike field are first timers each year in the Tatts Finke Desert Race.

    One of the topics we are regularly asked about by this group (particularly those travelling solo) is refuelling and what options the Club offers.

    🔷For both two and four stroke bikes and quads, there is the option of what’s referred to as ‘Club fuel’ where you can either purchase a 4 stroke fuel package or the 2 stroke delivery option (these options becomes available after your entry is confirmed). No need to worry about this on the day entries open.

    🔷The Club no longer carries individual competitors 4 stroke fuel; instead it is supplied in drum form with the refuellers filling you up in order of when you arrive at the signposted fuel stops and at the Finke end. You may have a little wait but you can catch your breath; those refuellers are legends.

    🔷Two strokers are justifiably fussy with their fuel and we will carry their fuel in approved containers to designated fuel stops and Finke.

    🔷Each Club fuel location has safety gear, spill kits, fire gear; the works. They operate in a professional manner and are all volunteers.

    🔷More details, locations and price information on are in the Supplementary Regulations at Section 6.

  • 7 days to bike entries

    🔷Did you know that the Tatts Finke Desert Race has never reached the approved cap of 650 riders. Despite a waitlist over 100 in 2019, there ended up being 612 greeting the starter in Alice Springs in June of which 284 were first time entrants.

    🔷Whilst there will be a surge of entries on Tuesday February 9th and the initial 650 places will likely fill, a waitlist is immediately started and people are listed on the web so they know where they stand. As time progresses there will be a group of riders who find themselves needing to withdraw for all manner of reasons including change of work and family circumstances, injury, inability to get holidays or insufficient notice on gaining a spot from the waitlist.

    🔷As people withdraw their entry (by contacting the Finke Office), the prospective competitors on the waitlist start to gain a spot in the field.

    🔷Unfortunately there are no guarantees that those waitlisted will gain entry when the field closes on 21 May 2021.

    🔷Full payment is made at the time of entering on line. Further details at section 4.3 of the Supplementary Regulations.

  • 8 days till bike entries open

    In yesterday’s message I outlined what was needed to initially enter the bike section of this years Tatts Finke Desert Race.

    Once your entry is accepted and payment processed, you will be contacted and asked to input other details such as bike identification number, MA licence number etc. You don’t need these for next Tuesday.

    Today the Supplementary Regulations will be uploaded to the Finke website and I encourage people to have a read. As per yesterday’s message about selecting your bike class and therefore your preferred number, you will find these details in the regs at Section 14 – Classes and Numbers. If unsure, contract the Finke office. Each year the bike field has approximately half who haven’t competed before so we understand there are lots of questions.

    There have been a few changes in the Regs this year and whilst I realise most of you will skim them, I encourage you to read them. These are summarised here with the supplementary regulations reference;

    • 🔹The first change relates to cancellation of the event (10 b) and no refunds; whilst that may seem harsh, if not for support from the Australian Government, NT Government and Tatts last year, the club would have been in financial stress. Those that entered last year received a full refund so in the unfortunate circumstance the event is cancelled this year, there will be no refunds given.
    • 🔹This year there are no one event licences (8) available for this years event. This is not a decision the Club took rather Motorcycling Australia.
    • 🔹This years entry fee of $750 includes two $10 levies (4.5) for things that haven’t been charged before. The first is a COVID levy to assist with offsetting the additional costs of implementing our COVID safety plan. Lets hope this is a one off fee but will pay for sanitising stations, additional cleaning, additional security and IT support. The second levy is a camping fee introduced for the overnight stop at the Finke campground. These funds will be put toward protecting sacred sites and the benefit of traditional owners. The campground sits within the Aputula Land Trust and as such is private property. The Club appreciates your understanding of these levies.
    • 🔹Alcohol (34) will no longer be able to be consumed within the Finke campground as the Club is no longer to apply for a liquor licence. This message will be widely published in the lead up to the event and is unlikely to impact competitors. However crew will need to be made aware of this change.

    Another update will be provided tomorrow.

  • 9 Days togo

    9 days till bike entries open,

    There have been lots of enquiries about what information is needed to enter the bike section on-line on Tuesday 9th February; its less than you think.

    Other than personal details, we ask how many Finke’s you have previously done (this helps us understand who are the first timers), what bike class you intend to enter (these class details are in the Supplementary Regulations), what make and model or bike and what is you preferred race number (as per the class numbering) and that you have read the Supplementary Regulations. Last years top 20 placegetters are guaranteed numbers 1-20; for everyone else, you request a number. Have a credit card handy that is not expired nor exceeded its limit and there you have it.

    The Supplementary Regulations will be uploaded on Monday 1st February and I encourage all to read through them. More information will be provided as we count down to entries opening.e

  • 2021 Bike Supp Regs

    2021 Bike Supp Regs available. Bike applications open on Tuesday 9th Feb at 0930 NT time.


    ⚠️⚠️ ATTENTION ⚠️⚠️ NEW OPENING DATE FOR BIKE ENTRIES Bike entries will now open on Tuesday 9th February 2021 at 9.30am (CST).

  • 2021 Supporters Poster

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2020 Media Releases

  • AGM Notice

    Annual General Meeting (AGM) Notice is hereby given that the Finke Desert Race Inc AGM will take place as follows: Date; Tuesday 27th October 2020 Time; 6pm Location; Central Australian Development Office 55 Todd Mall Alice Springs.

  • Finke 2020 Cancelled

    With the limitations placed on large gatherings by the Australian Government and NT Government advice restricting travel to remote communities, the Finke committee has decided to cancel the 2020 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • 2020 Volunteers

    2020 Volunteer expressions of interest open soon.

  • 2020 Car Supp Regs

    2020 Car Supp Regs available. Car applications open on Monday 24 Feb at 0900 NT time.

  • 2020 Bike Supp Regs

    2020 Bike Supp Regs available. Bike applications open on Tuesday 28 Jan at 0900 NT time.

  • 2020 Ambassadors

    Ambassadors for the 2020 Tatts Finke Desert Race have been selected from a raft of very worthy applicants.

  • Bike Entries Open Feb 2021

    We’re Back!!! ✊🏼 Get Pumped! 2021 here we come! Please see further Bike Competitor entry details on our website under the competitor tab / bike

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2019 Media Releases

  • FINKE : There & Back

    This is the Finke Desert Race and it is a religion. Watch the movie to see why.

  • 2019 Spectator Survey

    The Finke Desert Race committee values feedback on ways to improve the event. We would love you to take a short, 10 question survey about your experience at this year's event which should take no longer than 4 minutes to complete.

  • 10Play Sport

    Follow this link to video coverage of Finke by 10 Play Sport. Available for a limited time.

  • Rising Star Crowned Fastest Female

    19-year-old Danielle Foot (#335) has won the ‘Kay Wharton Fastest Female Category’ at the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • David Walsh Bike King of the Desert

    Hometown hero David Walsh has sealed his first ever King of the Desert crown in an emotionally-charged victory at the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Rhodes/Pullino Win Kings of the Desert

    Jack Rhodes and David Pullino have completed a breakthrough win to be crowned Kings of the Desert for the first time at the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race, which has ended in heartbreak for favourite Toby Price.

  • Local hero David Walsh wins Day 1

    Alice Spring’s own David Walsh (#2 KTM) is one step closer to his first King of the Desert title after blitzing the bike field to arrive at Finke in 1 hour 55 minutes and 25.7 seconds on Race Day 1 of the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Toby Price on Track to Create History

    Red Bull racer, Toby Price (#487 Geiser Brothers Trophy Truck), has reached the Finke checkpoint the fastest on Race Day 1, as his looks to create history and become the first-ever competitor to be crowned the King of the Desert in the car category and bike category.

  • David Walsh Sets the Pace

    KTM rider, David Walsh’s first King of the Desert title is in sight after setting the fastest time during Prologue today at the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Toby Price Leads the Way

    Red Bull racer, Toby Price, has made the perfect start to his quest for his first ever King of the Desert title in the car category by recording the fastest time in Prologue today at the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • 2019 Finke Hero

    Devoted Volunteer Darren White has been honoured with the Finke Hero award at the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race tonight.

  • Robbie Maddison

    Legendary Australian Motorbike Stunt Rider, Robbie Maddison, will descend on the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race on Saturday to check-out Australia’s toughest off-road race in the flesh.

  • Finke Family Thank Apatula

    The Finke Desert Race Club and Ambassadors made a special visit to the local primary school in Aputula (Finke) to kick start Race Week, ahead of Australia’s Ultimate Desert Race getting underway this weekend.

  • Road Closure Update

    The event can now continue as in previous years, with controlled traffic flow throughout the Deep Well to Finke community road closure corridor.

  • 20th Anniversary of Tatts Partnership

    Lottery company, Tatts, and the Finke Desert Race Committee will this year celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tatts’ naming-rights partnership of the Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Road Closure Message

    In previous years, there has been some access allowed to recovery crews and campers to travel beyond the Deep Well Checkpoint heading south. This will no longer be the case.

  • Racing Towards History Making Event

    80 Days out, entry lists and interest continue to grow at an exponential rate for Australia’s Ultimate Desert Race, the Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Site Manager Required

    Expressions of interest sought for the paid position of Site Manager at the Start/Finish Line.

  • 100 days to go ... and full capacity

    100 Days out from the commencement of Finke Festivities and the Finke Desert Race Club is primed for the largest year of the event's 44 Year History.

  • 2019 Car Supp Regs

    2019 CAMS Supplementary Regulations for cars have been finalised and are now available. See Competitors - Cars or download directly.

  • 2019 Call for Volunteers

    Expressions of Interest are now open for those who want to volunteer at the 2019 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • 2019 CAMS Award

    The 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race has won the CAMS Motor Sport Awards state ‘Event of the Year’.

  • Moto Expo Melbourne

    The Finke Desert Race is packing up the red sand and heading south to exhibit at the upcoming ‘Moto Expo Melbourne’ from Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th November 2018.

  • 2019 Bike Supp Regs

    2019 Bike Supplementary Regulations have been finalised and are now available. See Competitors - Bikes or download directly.

  • Australia's Ultimate Desert Race Proves Its Worth

    Enormous crowds, unusually warm weather and record breaking competitor achievements were the highlights of the 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

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2018 Media Releases

  • 2018 Notice of AGM

    The Annual General Meeting for Finke Desert Race Inc 2018 will be held on Tuesday 11th December at 5.45pm for a 6pm start.

  • Inaugural Kay Wharton Fastest Female Award for 2018

    Ellyse O’Connor (#486 Yamaha YZ250F) has won the inaugural Kay Wharton Fastest Female Category at the 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Price Crowned King of the Desert for Sixth Time

    2016 Dakar Champion Toby Price (#295 KTM 500 EXC-F) has added another Tatts Finke Desert Race title to his name, being crowned King of the Desert for the sixth time in nine years today in Alice Springs.

  • Record Sixth Finke Title For Rentsch

    Shannon and Ian Rentsch (#33 Jimco Aussie Special Nissan 3500cc) have been crowned Kings of the Desert once again, claiming a record-breaking sixth title at the 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Price Blitzes Bikes on Day 1

    Five-time King of the Desert, Toby Price (#295 - KTM 500 EXC-F), has blitzed the bike field to arrive at Finke in 1 hour, 57 minutes and 45.6 seconds on Race Day 1 of the 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Shannon and Ian Rentsch on Track to Defend Finke Title

    Reigning Kings of the Desert, Shannon and Ian Rentsch (#33 - Jimco Aussie Special Nissan 3500cc), have maintained top spot as the lead car into Finke for the overnight stop of Australia’s toughest off-road race, the Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • 2018 Finke Hero Revealed

    Dedicated volunteer, Simon Carr, has been announced as this year’s Finke Hero at the 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Price on Track for Record Sixth Finke Win

    Five-time King of the Desert, Toby Price (#295 - KTM 500 EXC-F), has set the fastest lap time on the 8.3km Prologue track today putting him on course for a record-breaking sixth Tatts Finke Desert Race title.

  • Shannon Rentsch Prologues Fastest

    2017 Kings of the Desert, Shannon and Ian Rentsch (#33- Jimco Aussie Special Nissan 3500cc), have set the fasted lap in Prologue today, securing top spot in tomorrow’s starting order for the 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Acciona 100% EcoPowered in Alice

    The Acciona 100% EcoPowered has descended on Alice Springs today ahead of its campaign as the first electric rally car to compete in the Tatts Finke Desert Race.

  • Electric Rally Car for Finke

    The 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race will see a nod to the future, with ACCIONA bringing an innovative electric rally car to Australia for the first time, showcasing how renewable energy can be competitive in the toughest of conditions.

  • 10 Days Until Race Weekend Kicks Off

    The countdown is on until the 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race, which again features a star-studded competitor line-up at the 43rd running of the event.

  • Price Finke Double

    Five-time 'King of the Desert' Toby Price has announced he will again attempt the ‘Iron Man’ Finke Double at the 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race, in Alice Springs, aiming to make history by winning both car and motorcycle categories.

  • Hazelwood to compete in Finke

    Russel Hazelwood, father of Supercars driver Todd, will compete in this years race on a KTM.

  • Warning: Track marking in progress

    Track marking will be taking place on the Finke track at various times and places between now and the race week. Please be aware, watch out for warning signs and take special care.

  • Kick Off Party for Race Week

    This year’s Tatts Finke Desert Race extravaganza will include a new, free and public Thursday night function, that is sure to be a hit.

  • 2018 Car Entry

    Car Supplementary Regulations are now available for 2018 Competitors. Details on how to enter the Car Division for the 2018 Event can be found below.

  • Record Numbers in Record Time

    The first race milestone has been met for this year’s Tatts Finke Desert Race, with bike entries declared full within five hours of them being open.

  • Ride High Stokie

    A message from the Finke Desert Race Club about Daymon Stokie.

  • 2017 Official DVD

    Official DVDs have finally arrived and are being mailed out to competitors and volunteers tomorrow - Tues 12 December. The 2017 DVD will be available in our online shop from tomorrow.

  • 2018 Finke Ambassadors

    After months of applications rolling in, weeks of shortlisting & interviews...and hours upon hours of deliberating.... the search for the 2018 Team of Ambassadors is now complete.

  • 2018 Bike Entry

    Bike Supplementary Regulations are now available for 2018 Competitors. Details on how to enter the Bike Division for the 2018 Event can be found below.

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